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Ameritales presents Amelia Earhart and the Haunted Winds of Kansas

Book cover-Ameritales presents Thomas Edison and the Fog of Port Huron

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About our Books
Once upon a time all of America’s greatest leaders were children. Their rise to greatness started with their childhood dreams. From the hopes and dreams of the Pilgrims to the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr., AmeriTales connects kids with the past while inspiring them to dream about their future.

Action-adventure tales spiced with a bit of fantasy, the AmeriTales series is fun leisure time reading and also the ideal resource for teachers and parents instructing children in history enrichment and or character education.

Book cover-Ameritales presents Abraham Lincoln and the Fprest of Little Pigeon Creek

Introducing Children to American History
AmeriTales is the first place where young readers come to learn about American History. We are the only publishing company that focuses exclusively on the childhood adventures of real-life historical characters. The AmeriTales book series not only introduces children to history in an amusing way, but also provides valuable lessons to help them become better citizens.


Meet the Characters
Get to know Abe, Amelia, Thomas and their friends! Click on each character to learn more about them.

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